I’m not crazy about sex— Stephanie Karikari

stephanieWhile many see sex as a very important component of a healthy relationship and would go great lengths to ensure that, it seems to be the least of the worries of Stephanie Karikari, Miss Ghana, 2010.

For the former beauty queen, sex should not be a priority since she is not too enthused about it.

“I cannot imagine myself getting married or dating someone who is all about sex. It will be difficult for the two of us to flow because I don’t like too much sex” she told Showbiz in an interview.

According to her, there is more to achieving a healthy relationship than just sex. “I always think of making more money than just having fun with my man. A bit of it is okay but too much of it is just too bad for me” she added.

Although she would not say what constitutes too much sex, Stephanie revealed what she will be comfortable with. “At least making love twice a month is cool with me. In fact, I would prefer a man poor man who is not all about sex to a rich guy who sees it as a big deal” she said.

She added that she will not hesitate to break up with the man in her life once she realises he is crazy about sex.

Talking about her ideal man, Stephanie stated that she prefers a hardworking and God-fearing man who would appreciate her and is ready to love her for who she is.

Lately Stephanie has been seen at events exposing her cleavage and according to her she has very nice boobs hence her confidence in showing them.

“If you have got it, flaunt it. When you are confident and trust what you have, you don’t really care allowing people know what you have. Nonetheless you need to know your body shape before wearing an outfit” she said.

Stephanie who runs a cosmetic company with a workforce of 30 added that it is sad that some women just follow fashion blindly and wear anything in vogue.



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