By Felix Jonas Adom, Accra – Ghana.

Ghana is a peace loving nation. God has blessed the country with so much that its occupants must be proud of. We are fortunate to have leaders , who are effortfully doing all they can to put things right and get them being better; though optimum performance may not be reached in various respects.

In our world today, most people refer to Ghana as the Israel of Africa. This is so true, no doubt! This is not to make us pride ourselves excessively over other countries. It’s just by divine grace, we have got what we have.

It is said that where there is justice, peace prevails. The opposite binds in a every neighbourhood where the exercise of genuine justice is trodden upon.

The Montie fm saga is one of such issues. This purely calls for justice to be exercised without any forms of interference. Freedom of speech is a good feature of every nation that seeks to grow and develop steadily. Unfortunately, the abuse of that same freedom can bring an irreparable ruin. Having the freedom to express oneself is not to mean speaking awkwardly or threatening the lives of others. Make positive remarks instead. That way you are going to be free in deed. However, when one makes a derogatory or negative remark, full of disrespect and the law catches up with them, what is due them has to meted out. I am not judging.

My humble advice to our President, His Excellency John Dramani Mahama, is for him to critically analyse calls thrown at him to “temper justice with mercy.” This, for me, is very tempting. He should not get swayed off track to do what will likely bring him unforgettable regrets tomorrow. He should just stick to what the Constitution of Ghana says about the Presidential Pardon, when that is supposed to be carried out and how many times that has to be.

We all need peace in our lovely country, Ghana. May it be as we so wish, and ultimately, according to God’s will.



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