Toptech introduces SUV off-road terrain training

Toptech Transport and Logistics Ghana Limited, a transport company, has launched its maiden initiative to train the public on the use of four-wheel drives in off-road terrains.

The training, which will be held annually, is meant to equip drivers with the required skills to use the vehicles efficiently.This year’s event will be carried out on the Aburi hills in the Eastern Region.At an event held in Accra last Tuesday to launch the initiative, the Executive Director of the company, Mr Cecil Ebow Garbrah, said it had been observed that most people did not have the skills to use the vehicles even though it was their preference.“It is interesting that many four-by-four vehicles we see in town cannot be driven in difficult terrains such as rocky hills and valleys, rough roads, sandy and muddy roads, as well as in very wet conditions such as lagoons,” he added.TrainingHe said the training session would be an opportunity for participants to examine their vehicles to ensure that they were truly  four-wheel drive and off-road compliant.He added that the participants would be trained by experts from South Africa, former instructors of the Ghana Armed forces and Toptech.The training is expected to accommodate between 80 and 100 participants. The participants are expected to pay GH¢500 for registration and GH¢700 for participation.


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